5 Eye care tips for Spring

5 Eye care tips for Spring

Seasonal allergies are a real struggle for some. Spring is upon us which for most is very exciting, however many are finding ways to protect themselves from the allergies that crop up during this seasonal change.
Below are a few preventative measures one can take to allow you to get out and about and enjoy spring just as much as everyone else.

1. Wear Sunglasses

Cometh the spring, cometh the outdoor activities. While we love to be outdoors, we still need to remember to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection and also a good hat never hurt anyone. Besides, hats are always a nice touch.

2. Keep your Hands and Face Clean

Being outside can easily cause your hands to get dirty. With the change of season pollen and dust particles is a guarantee. If you are prone to allergies, you’re likely to be affected. Clean your hands as often as possible and be careful when rubbing your eyes.

3. Wear Glasses instead of Contact Lenses

While contact lenses are perfectly fine if you are planning to spend an extended amount of time outdoors perhaps consider glasses instead. Glasses will protect your eyes from dust particles a lot better than contacts. Contact lenses are susceptible to a build of particles which can lead to infection and irritation of the eye.

4. Protect Your Eyes from Extreme Activities

Whether you are partaking in extreme outdoor activities or merely having a braai, it’s important to always wear the necessary protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the smoke and the harmful UV rays.

5. Use An Air Purifier

Pollen and dust particles can quickly make their way into your home during spring. Do yourself a favour and invest in an air purifier so that you are safe inside your home as well.
You see, there are ways to get around allergies and more importantly eye irritation during Spring. Protect your eyes because it’s important to always love your eyes.

Source:  Insight Vision Centre