Anti-reflective coatings

Anti-reflective coatings


Anti-Reflective Coating (or ARC) is a coating applied to the surface of your lenses to reduce reflection. It is basically a thin film applied to the inside and outside of your lenses. These protective films provide physical protection, filter out certain light frequencies and reduce or eliminate annoying reflections. 

A common problem with prescription glasses is something called reflected glare. Light hits the back of the lenses and bounces into the eyes, causing eye strain, fatigue and annoying optical distractions. ARCs reduce these reflections which in turn enhances quality of vision with fewer distractions, especially at night. 

ARCs also make the lenses look nearly invisible, which is cosmetically more appealing, by enabling others to actually see your eyes, in person as well as in photos.
Reduced glare helps people to make better “eye contact” with you.

Basically speaking, ARCs allow more light to pass through your lenses to your eye. More light means your eyes can function optimally and ‘relax’ while wearing glasses. ARCs enable precise and sharper vision as well as improved endurance for lengthy work stints.


While older generations of ARCs have had mixed reviews, new cutting-edge technology has vastly improved the quality and functionality of anti-reflective coatings.

Vision Works offers this newest technology and the ARCs all include the following features:


A core feature of all anti-reflective coatings is the ability to reduce glare, which in turn improves vision and reduces eye strain.

Scratch Resistance
Glasses tend to get scratched, regardless of how carefully they are used, stored and cleaned. ARC contains a scratch resistant layer to protect the structural integrity of the lens surface.

Newer Premium coatings can provide the following additional benefits:

Dust Repellent

Dust and grease are more easily wiped off ARC coated lenses thanks to their easy-clean properties. This means the glasses require less effort to clean and in turn suffer less damage from abrasion.  

Premium anti-reflective coatings have an anti-static layer which prevents dust from clinging to the lens surface, further reducing the need to clean them and ensuring clear vision at all times.  

Water Repellent
ARC also has a water-repellent top layer, ensuring that water droplets don’t adhere to the glasses but roll right off instead. This keeps visibility high even in rainy weather.

In addition to the general ARCs above, Vision Works offers coatings that are lifestyle-specific.

Blue-Light Protection

This specialised coating filters out blue light emitted by artificial light and digital devices. Blue-Light Protection is best suited to people who spend more than two hours a day on computers, mobile phones, tablets and TVs.

UV Light Protection
For people who enjoy being outdoors, this is the ideal solution for optimised visual clarity and safety. It filters out harmful UV light, and even blocks UV light from being reflected off the back of the lens.

Our professional Optometrists and staff will assess your requirements and then make a recommendation best suited to your needs and lifestyle.