Tips on eyewear care, for a summer by the sea:  Summer is here South Africa; temperatures are peaking around 35 and higher, across the country the great migrations towards the coast are already underway. Some say the anticipation of our year-end rituals begins with the packing. Planned or spontaneous the first item on our list hands down is our sunglasses.  It is easy to understand why the first holiday essential on the pack list, whether we're 16 or 76 years old, are our sunglasses. A statement of our identities and the first line of protection for our vision. It’s no wonder the sunglasses industry is worth an estimated $90 Billion!   We know your Ray-Ban® sunglasses and prescription shades are an investment of more than just money, so we put together this list to help you make them last.   Here are a few tips on caring for your vision and your eyewear this Summer:    1. Start By Buying Quality: One of the best investments you can make this summer is to buy sunglasses that completely block out the sun’s rays. Check the label and make sure your shades block 100% UVA and UVB rays. This investment should not break the bank, but it will make the difference in the longevity of your vision.   2. Polarize Those Eyes: One step better would be to invest in polarized eyewear.  The sun does not just come from above, its rays reflect on almost any surface, roads/water/snow/beach sand. In short, whether you are spending your holiday’s skiing in the alps or deep sea fishing off our home shores, a polarized coating will eliminate all the glare reflected on any surface.  Also, note if you are a walking fish who spends their entire holiday in the water, look at investing in swimming/diving goggles with polarized lenses.  3. Be Bold, Buy Big: The African sun is not known for its subtlety; its fierce intensity has inspired bold fashion necessities across Africa for many decades, and eyewear is no different. The bigger your shades, the more (sur)face area you cover, which ultimately means more protection.   4. Wear It Wide Like Christmas In The Durban July: The humble hat is your vision's second and final defence from the sun, and as per our previous point, the bigger, the better.   5. Keep Calm and Clean On: Walks on the beach are some of the best parts of visiting the sea, but exposure to the ocean air will leave your glasses with that moist, salty, sticky feeling. Not only is it gross to not clean off but leaving it as is will damage your branded sunglasses beyond repair.  Sea salt air + sunglass material = rust and damage.  Sea salt + prescription eyewear = no more prescription.   6. Get Enough Sleep Before You Leave: We know you are excited to get there, but getting enough sleep before your drive can be the difference between an hour's delay or not arriving at all. The scary truth about holiday seasons are the fatality rates on the road, so let’s take care of our families and each other this year and arrive alive.     7. Like Dogs, We Don’t Leave Our Glasses In The Car: Your car could heat up to over 60 degrees Celsius on a 30-degree day if left uncovered in the sun. At this temperature, the material that make up your eyewear begin to change shape and consistency. Not only will the frames warp in the heat but your prescription may melt as well. The lesson here never leave your glasses in the car, on the dashboard or in the cubby.   8. Hydrate: In between all the excitement never forget to hydrate, your eyes are made of mostly water and need to remain that way to perform at their best.   9. Most Vital: The most important thing you can do to safeguard the health and well being of your eyes is to relax and enjoy your holiday. Use the break to detox from your computers a  little, switch off, get enough rest, read, chill, exercise, and really enjoy your holiday, you earned it. Once you are well rested you will feel brand new and ready to take on 2018.   By  Tash Casey


Tash Casey