7 Factors that may give you an eye twitch

Have you ever suffered from a continually twitching eye and you have no idea what caused it or how to stop it? Well here are seven factors that could be causing your eye twitching:

1. Stress

Stress is inevitable. We can, however, curb it by giving ourselves a break. Take some time off or include some exercise in your daily routine.

2. Fatigue and Tiredness

Just as much as your body suffers from exhaustion so do our eyes. Catching up with sleep will help with your eye twitching.

3. Alcohol and Caffeine

Try to cut down on your coffee and alcohol. Even our eyes need a break from time to time. Perhaps try the decaf side of life.

4. Dry Eyes

Remember to give your eyes a break from your contact lenses as the dryness or irritation.

5. Eye Strain

Long hours in front of your computer screen can also cause an annoying twitch. Give your eyes a break by stepping away for a bit.

6. Allergies and Irritation

If your work environment is polluted with dust, air or smoke, this can also be a sure reason for your eyelids to twitch.

7. Nutritional Balance

A good nutritional diet is essential for your body to function properly. Your eyes are no exception.

The way we treat our bodies has a direct effect on our eyes as well. Look after yourself, and you’ll look after your eyes. Love yourself, love your eyes!

Source: Best Medicine