Human vision is so vital that regular visits to an optometrist should be a given, but many people ignore issues that could otherwise easily be solved. It’s incredible to think that while humans have five senses, up to 80% of all our impressions are perceived by means of our sight. With so much of our perception dependent on our eyes, is it any wonder that optometrists recommend having a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years? Although most people recognise the value of such visits, many people remain sceptical about visiting an optometrist, possibly because they are unsure what information the optometrist will require or what questions to ask. As with any first visit to a medical professional, suggests Tania Noach, an optometrist at Vision Works, the more comprehensive the information you can provide, the better your visit will go. Noach adds that often people who visit the optometrist don’t have a clear understanding of what is wrong with their eyes, such as whether they are short or long-sighted. For this reason, it “is vital to ask the specialist:

“Only by clarifying the condition will you properly understand when exactly you need to use your glasses. Using them inappropriately – such as reading when you actually require them for driving – it is not only inappropriate, but can create additional issues such as tension headaches and eye strain”, she says.

It is also necessary to put to bed once and for all the urban legend that your eyes will only get weaker when you start wearing glasses, she continues

“As long as they are prescribed correctly – which they should be, provided you have given all the relevant background to the optometrist – glasses will serve purely as a support function to correctly deliver the picture your eyes see to your brain. They certainly do not in any way weaken or worsen your eyes any further.”

“Bearing in mind that your eyes are probably your single most important sense, it is only logical that you look after them well. To this end, consumers should ensure they do undertake an annual eye test, and should glasses be required, don’t forget to ask for clarity on any part of their usage that may be unclear, when you arrive to collect these from your nearest Vision Works,” she concludes.


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