Introducing The Oakley Prizm™ Technology – An Athletes Dream

Introducing The Oakley Prizm™ Technology – An Athletes Dream

South Africa is a land known for its sports-teams and world-class athletes, in celebration of athletes around the world, Oakley has created a product that truly speaks to the sportsman and woman’s needs. Whether you are a pro player or a movement enthusiast we at Vision Works think you will fall in love with this new addition to the Oakley range. 

We are excited to introduce to you the latest technology in sports eye wear:


Prizm™ Eye wear is a sportsman/woman’s dream when it comes to visual precision out on the field or on the road. So in a nut shell, Prizm™ lens technology fine tunes vision for specific sports and environments, these lenses emphasis colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail. Not only do Prizm™ lenses look impressive but they scientifically improve performance and safety by enhancing vision, using specially engineered lens tints.

This is a world first where lenses have been purpose-built for specific outdoor activities. The optical benefits of this visionary technology are (excuse the pun) game-changing:

  • Sharpens visual acuity to help you see with more clarity and react faster.
  • Enhances color recognition to help you spot what you need to see.
  • Optimizes your ability to see and track moving objects in your periphery.
  • Improves performance and safety to help you compete with confidence.

But how do they work?
The human eye is extremely sensitive to detail but each environment puts its own demands on your vision. Seeing the right colours will help you differentiate things in your visual field. Like subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces or where the golf green ends and the rough begins. Peripheral vision is less sensitive to details, so any improvements in colour contrast mean improving performance for athletes.

The mechanics behind Oakley Prizm™ technology

Oakley Prizm™ technology filters out the background “noise” of light that interferes with vision while emphasizing the colors you need to see for optimal performance. Think of it as ultra-precise color tuning, designed specifically for the environment of your sport or activity. Additionally, every iris coating has been chosen to interact precisely with the Prizm™ lens and environment for optimal performance.

Over the next few weeks, we will look at how Oakley Prizm™ technology specifically affects individual sporting types, from fishing to cycling and every movement in between. 

Love Your Eyes™ and your sport with the new Oakley Prizm™ eye wear.