Systane – Comfort, Lubrication and More

Systane – Comfort, Lubrication and More

Promoting eye health and well being
Systane® is a comprehensive family of eye health solutions from Alcon, a division of Novartis. Our products aid in the relief from symptoms of burning and irritation associated with dry eye, to help improve the quality of people’s lives.

Syatane® Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops

Faster, longer-lasting relief from symptoms of burning and irritation associated with dry eye

Key benefits:Minimal blur upon instillation(1)Improved comfort in daily activities(2)Enhanced lubrication(1)Visco-elastic matrixSuitable for contact lens wearers

Systane® Gel Drops

Forms a protective shield over the eyes to provide enduring relief from persistent
symptoms of dry eye – day or night

 Key benefits:The convenience of a drop with the lubrication of a gelCreates a thicker, gel-like bandage over the eyeProvides day or night-time restorative relief

Systane® Balance

LipiTechTM helps restore the natural tear film to relieve symptoms of dry eye
resulting from lipid layer deficiency

 Key benefits:Lipid emulsion to minimise evaporative lossAssists in the restoration of the lipid layer to rebalance the tear filmStabilises the natural tear film for prolonged comfortLess frequent dosing and increased quality of life(3)

Systane® Lid Wipes

An effective way to maintain eyelid hygiene through gentle daily cleansing

 Key benefits:Improves eye hygieneHypoallergenicPre-moistened & individually wrappedSoothes and moisturisesRemoves make-up